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Walking on Paths though Forests by Season

Various forest path programs including walks though forests and stories of Jungnang-gu offer an opportunity to learn the importance of forests every season with forest guides through a variety of experiences.

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Date :
10:00 to 12:00, second and fourth Saturdays (2 hours)
Participants :
No. of Participants :
Around 20-30 people each time (first come, first served)
Cost :
Highlights :
Exploring and learning about the history, culture, and natural ecology of the course
How to Apply :
Internet ( and phone (☏02-2094-2344)

Bonghwasan Dulegil Tour Course

  • Course : Bongsudae Park - Oak Forest→ Ginger’s and Cherry's Dreams→ A Story of Climate Change→ Meokgol Pear → Bongsudae→ Bonghwasan→ Ecological Preservation Zone→ Seongdeok Saui Neoreok Rock

Yongmasan Ecological Path Tour Course

  • Course : Sagajeong Park→ Yaksuteo Path→ Habitat of Wild Plants→ Blossom Promenade → Yaksuteo Path

Contemplation Path in Mangu Jungnang

  • Course : Mangu Reservoir Park→ Entrance to Contemplation Path→ Mangu History Trail→ Forked Road on Circular Road

Rose and Blossom Paths on the Bank of Jungnangcheon Stream

  • Course : Junghwa Sports Park→ Jungrang Bridge→ Myeonmok Hanshin Apt→ Jangan Bridge→ Sagajeong Subway Station