Jungnang Camping Forest

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Jungnang Camping Forest 1

  • Designation :
    Jungnang Camping Forest
  • Location :
    110 Mangu-ro 87 Gil, Jungnang-gu
  • Area :
  • Facilities and Features :
    Urban auto camping site
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    Jungnan Camping Forest
Jungnang Camping Forest 2
  • The Jungnang Camping Forest opened on November 20, 2010 as a development restricted zone wherein greenhouses, etc., were set up to repair damaged areas and manmade facilities were kept to a minimum so that families and student groups could enjoy picnics in a way that is much closer to nature in this environment-friendly park
  • Additionally, it has a small-scale outdoor stage mainly for teenage performers.
    The campsite includes grassy field, barbeque grill, outdoor tables, spa (for bathing), and individual shower stalls.
  • The family camp zone is especially of note, since it has maximum capacity of over 200 persons at one time including tent setup and even its own parking area. It is conveniently located by the entrance to Yangwon Station on the Central Line of the Seoul City Subway for those using public transportation.