Manguri Park

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Manguri Park

  • Designation :
    Manguri Park
  • Location :
    San 57-3, Mangu-dong
  • Area :
    832,800 ㎡
  • Facilities and Features :
    This park is a space for contemplation amid the graves of celebrities. People enjoy taking a walk and jogging on a 4.7km-long promenade in the park.

Manguri began to be used as a cemetery of Seoul in 1933.
This fact is supported by Dong-A Ilbo articles: "Miari Cemetery will have no more space for graves soon. Thus, the government selected 2.3 million square meters of forest land in Manguriof Gyeonggi-do as a future cemetery of Seoul,” said a Dong-A Ilbo story dated February 2, 1933; ”Among 37,000 tombs in Itaewon, those taken care of by families or relatives will be moved to Manguri, and remains in deserted tombs will be cremated in Shinsa-ri,” Dong-A Ilbo added on October 24, 1935.
Forty years later, Manguri Cemetery was filled with graves on March 25, 1973. Thus, no more new graves have been allowed in the cemetery since then.
As of the end of 2005, the necropolis was home to 17,041 tombs due to the encouragement of moving remains to other places and laying people’s ashes to rest. The number of tombs in the cemetery is expected to fall in the future.
During this period, the remains of Dosan Ahn Chang-ho, Goha Song Jin-woo, Singer Lim Bang-woo, and Jo Jong-wan and patriots such as Park chan-ik and Baek Dae-jin were moved to the National Cemetery and Sarip Park Cemetery.
In February 1992, Jungnang-gu erected memorial monuments for Bang Jung-hwan, Oh Se-chang, Han Yong-woon, Jo Bong-am, Ji Seok-yeong, Moon Myeong-hwon, and Zhang Deoksu, all of whom were buried in the cemetery around a promenade. In February 1998, memorial monuments for Park In-hwan, Moon Il-pyeong, Seo Byeong-ho, Seo Dong-il, Oh Jae-yeong, Seo Gwang-jo, Yu Sang-kyu, and Oh Geung-seon were additionally built along a 5.2km-long promenade.
The park-style cemetery had been known to house the graves of 17 celebrities including Han Yongun who took the lead in the March 1 Independence Movement.
Searches in directories and books on patriots, lists of the deceased in the Funeral Cultural Center of Seoul Facilities Management Corporation, and on-site inspections found that the cemetery has the remains of ten additional celebrities such as novelist Gye Yong-mook.

( Managing Dept : Parks and Landscape 02-2094-2344 )

Celebrities related to Manguri Park

Graves of Celebrities

Graves of Celebrities
No Name Pen Name Lifetime Main Activities
1 Seo Dong-il 1893~1966 Independence Fighter, National Medal
2 Oh Jae-yeong 1897~1948 Independence Fighter, National Medal
3 Kim Jeong-gyu 1883~1960 Independence Fighter, National Medal
4 Yu Sang-gyu 1897~1936 Independence Fighter, National Medal
5 Mun Myeong-hwon Jigi 1892~1958 Independence Fighter, National Medal
6 Mun Il-pyeong Hoam 1888~1939 Independence Fighter, National Historian
7 Oh Se-chang Wichang 1864~1953 Independence Fighter, Calligrapher, Journalist
8 Han Yong-un Manhae 1879~1944 Monk, Independence Fighter
9 Seo Byeong-ho Song-am 1885~1972 Independence Fighter, National Medal
10 Seo Gwang-jo 1897~1972 Independence Fighter, National Medal
11 Park In-hwan 1926~1956 Poet
12 Bang Jeong-hwan Sopa 1899~1931 Independence Fighter, Children's Literature
13 Lee Jung-seob 1916~1956 Painter
14 Jang Deok-su 1895~1947 Politician
15 Jo Bongam Juksan 1898~1959 Independence Fighter, Politician
16 Oh Gung-sun Haekwan 1878~1963 Medical scientist, social worker
17 Jee Seok-young Songchon 1855~1935 Medical scientist, social worker

Other Celebrities

Other Celebrities
No. Name Lifetime Major activities
18 Gye Yong-muk 1904~1961 Novelist (Idiot Ahdada)
19 Kim Mal-bong 1901~1961 Female novelist (Dog Rose)
20 Kim I-seok 1915~1964 Novelist (Cuckoo)
21 Chae Dong-seon 1901~1953 Composer (Homesickness)
22 Cha Jung-lag 1941~1968 Pop singer (Love Gone with Fallen Leaves)
23 Choe Hak-song 1901~1932 Novelist (Escape)
24 Seol Ui-sik 1900~1954 Journalist (Dong-a Ilbo Newspaper)
25 Lee Byeong-hong 1891~1955 Politician (lawmaker)
26 Asakawa Dakumi 1891~1931 Researched on the Best Japanese and Korean Trees
27 Kim Hyeon-geun 1810~1868 Husband of Princess Myeong-on
28 Princess Myeong-on 1810~1832 First daughter of King Sunjo

Celebrities whose Remains were Moved from Manguri Park

Celebrities whose Remains were Moved from Manguri Park
No. Name Lifetime Major activities
1 Ahn Chang ho 1878~1938 Independence activist (National Medal) / Moved to Dosan Park in Gangnam
2 Song Jin woo 1889~1945 Independence activist / Moved to Seoul National Cemetery (03/05/1988)
3 Jo Jong wan 1891~1947 Independence activist / Moved to National Cemetery in Daejeon (10/05/1995)
4 Baek Dae jin 1892~1967 Independence activist / Moved to National Cemetery in Daejeon (21/10/1988)
5 Bag Chan ik 1884~1949 Independence activist / Moved to Seoul National Cemetery (19/11/1993)
6 Lim Bang-ul 1904~1961 Myeongchang / / Moved to Nam Hangang Cemetery in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do


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