Sagajeong Park

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Sagajeong Park

  • Designation :
    Sagajeong Park
  • Location :
    San 50, Myeonmok 7 dong
  • Area :
    109,635 ㎡
  • Facilities and Features :
    Cultural and sports park with various facilities based on the history and regional characteristics of Yongmasan Mountain.

Sagajeong Park, which opened on April 13, 2005, was constructed on 30,003,200 square meters of land at the entrance to the Myeonmok Mineral Spring District at San 50 in Myeonmok-dong.
The park was named after Seo Geo-jeong, a famous writer in the first half of the Joseon Dynasty who lived in nearby Yongmasan Mountain, in an effort to help people feel Seo’s literary spirit.
In addition, the park erected four monuments with four of his poems to offer people the opportunity to appreciate beautiful poems while taking a walk in the park.
The park is dotted with various resting places and sports and landscaping facilities such as picnic areas, children's playgrounds, fitness facilities, natural creeks, Saga-jeong (traditional pavilion), and multi-purpose plaza.
Thus, residents love the park as their comfortable resting place and one of the famous places in Jungnang-gu. On the other hand, on the right of Sagajeong Park is Jungnang Cultural Gymnasium with 2 underground floors and 3 floors aboveground and total floor space of 6,109 m².
It opened on September 25, 2006.

( Managing Dept : Parks and Landscape 02-2094-2342 )


  • Sagajeong Park
  • Sagajeong Park
  • Sagajeong Promenade with
    Poetry Monuments