Yongmasan Mountain

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Yongmasan Mountain

  • Designation :
    Yongmasan Mountain
  • Location :
    San 1-1, San Myeonmok-dong
  • Area :
    2,800,619 ㎡
  • Facilities and Features :
    Resting place with historical relics and artificial waterfalls in the eastern part of Seoul

With elevation of 348 meters, Yongmasan Mountain is our region’s highest peak and is located in Myeonmok-dong. It features a hiking trail that extends from the Achasan mountain ranges, passing through Manguri Park and Junggok-dong all the way to the back gate of Children’s Grand Park.

Yongma Waterfall Park
Yongma Waterfall Park is located in Myeonmok-dong san 1-4 and is made up of three cascades: Cheongyong (Blue Dragon) Waterfall on the left, Baekma (White Horse) to the right, and Yongma Waterfall at the center. Yongma Waterfall is the tallest of the three, with width ranging from 3 to 10 meters and boasting of a height of 51.4 meters. The Cheongyong and Baekma waterfalls are 21 and 21.4 meters high, respectively.
Yongmasan Sagajeong Park
Opened on April 13, 2005, Sagajeong Park is located in Myeonmok-dong san 50; the total area of this mineral spring is approximately 33,200 pyeong (~109,752 sq. meters). The park’s namesake is Sagajeong, a prominent man of letters from the early Joseon Dynasty period and who resided in a neighboring area of Mt. Yongmasan. By selecting four of his most representative poems and engraving them on stone pillars, such gives visitors of the park a chance to read and reflect on them while walking along the trail. As one of Jungnang-gu’s famous spots, this park also features picnic area, children’s playground, exercise equipment, natural mountain stream, sagajeong (traditional-style gazebo), multipurpose area, riverside rest areas, landscape facilities, and various other facilities available so that visitors can enjoy high-quality recreational time.

( Managing Dept : Parks and Landscape 02-2094-2344 )


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  • Yongma Falls Park
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  • Yongmasan Mountain
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