Site of a beacon mound at Achasan Mountain

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  • Classification : Tangible cultural heritage no. 95
  • Description : Tomb of Sin Gyeong-jin
  • Objects/Size : Monument and tomb/4,458.2 ㎡
  • Designated in : January 1995
  • Location : San 69-1   Mangu-dong, Jungrang-gu 상세지도
  • Dating back to : Joseon period
  • Managed by : Pyeongsan Sin Clan

Seoul City designated the tomb as Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 95 in January 1995. The tomb is located at San 69-1 Mangu-dong, close to Yongma Park.

Sin Gyeong-jin’s father was Sin Rip, a military commander who was killed in action during a battle against the invading Japanese during the Imjin Waeran War (1592~1598) in Tangeumdae, Chungju.

Sin Gyeong-jin passed the State exam for recruiting military officers while serving as a low-ranking official. He took part in a coup led by Prince Neungyang (later King Injo) against King Gwanghae. The coup succeeded, and Sin Gyeong-jin was promoted to Vice Minister of Defense. In 1636 (14th year of King Injo’s reign), he was named chief of the Military Training Camp, Royal Guards, and National Police Agency concurrently.

In recognition of his exploits during the Manchurians’ invasion in 1636, he was promoted to Vice Prime Minister and given the honorary title Pyeongseong Buwongun in 1640. In 1642, he was promoted to Prime Minister but died ten days later.

The 3.7 m-high stone monument marking his tomb is placed on the tortoise-shaped platform. The upper part of the monument is adorned with an exquisitely carved dragon head. The inscriptions of the monument were composed by Song Si-yeol (penname: Uam) and written by Bak Tae-yu. The letters adorning the top part of the monument were written by Yi Jeong-yeong.