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Character – About the Pear Blossom Pixie

배꽃요정 기본형캐릭터

Basic Character

  • Name : Jungnangi
  • Birthdate : February 19, 2001, 9:10 AM
  • Symbolizes : The “pear blossom pixie” came from the heavens, bringing peace and warmth with its sunny, child-like smile as it goes to each of the citizens listening to their hopes and wishes and helping fulfill them.
    Pear blossom: symbol of harmony of the region with flowers/nature
  • Costume : Green Jungnang, the area enveloped in the green forest
  • Muffler : Symbolizes Jungnang Stream with the green color of its well-maintained banks, yellow representing the canola flower and other plant life, and white for the clear, clean waters of the river
    Personifying our county’s representative flower is the pear blossom; the image of a late spring night by Jungnang Stream where a pixie would flutter around was created, embodying the aspirations and dreams of citizens for clean, green Jungnang-gu.

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