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The petals and stamens of pear flowers stand for Jungnang-gu, a good place to live in; 川 expresses the will to keep Jungnang Stream clean.

중랑구 휘장 로고(왼쪽 심볼/오른쪽 로고타입) 색상 자세한 안내는 아래 참고

중랑구 휘장 로고 색상

    • Pantone : 356C
    • CMYK : 80/25/95/20%
    • sRGB : 356C
    • HTML(Hex) : #1C7C38
    • Pantone : 144C
    • CMYK : 0/55/100/0%
    • sRGB : 241/141/0
    • HTML(Hex) : #F18D00
    • Pantone : -
    • CMYK : 91/88/88/79%
    • sRGB : 4/0/0
    • HTML(Hex) : #040000

※ The emblem of Jungnang-gu must be used in accordance with the 「Regulations of Standardization of the Symbols of Jungnang-gu (insignia logo / emblem)」. Any violation of this may be punished in accordance with applicable laws.

※ Also, be careful not to deform the product by using it according to the specified standard.

Jungnang-gu Brand Information

중랑구 브랜드 정보 : 가로형, 세로형, 단색, 컬러 항목 포함
Division Horizontal Vertical
Solid color 해피뉴중랑 가로형 단색 브랜드 로고 해피뉴중랑 세로형 단색 브랜드 로고
color 해피뉴중랑 가로형 컬러 브랜드 로고 해피뉴중랑 세로형 컬러 브랜드 로고

※ Black (K value) dms 90% or more applied

중랑구 브랜드 색상값 자세한 내용은 아래 참고

  • Pantone blue 072C (RGB:R28 G63 B148) (CMYK:C100 M88 Y0 K5)
  • Pantone 7432C (RGB:R220 G118 B153) (CMYK:C10 M66 Y17 K0)
  • Pantone 7416C (RGB:R254 G132 B102) (CMYK:C0 M60 Y60 K0)
  • Pantone 144C (RGB:R241 G141 B0) (CMYK:C0 M55 Y100 K0)
  • Pantone 334C (RGB:R0 G163 B137) (CMYK:C100 M0 Y60 K3)
  • Pantone 447C (RGB:R65 G64 B66) (CMYK:C0 M0 Y0 K90)


중랑구 엠블럼

Emblem, a decorative mark that symbolizes our district, is the visual symbol representing Jungnang-gu after the emblem logo

Character Jungnang

중랑구 캐릭터

The fairies are born by anthropomorphic expressions of pear flowers in Jungnang-gu, and in the form of water droplets and pear blossoms in Jungnangcheon according to the wishes of the citizens dreaming of blue Jungnang-gu in late spring.

구꽃 - 배꽃

Flower of Jungnang-gu – Pear Flower

White flowers in groups around Bonghwasan Mountain symbolize the unyielding spirit and niceness of people in Jungnang-gu.

구나무 - 느티나무

Tree of Jungnang-gu - Zelkova

Zelkovas stand for the enterprising spirit of the people in Jungnang-gu since they have been close to people as trees around pavilions and garden trees since the old days, and they also grow fast.

구새 - 까치

Bird of Jungnang-gu - Magpie

Magpies are lucky resident birds that live around people’s houses. They symbolize the new development and hopes of Jungnang-gu.

Official Song – Song of Jungnanga

The song wishes for the safety of residents and a bright future for Jungnang.

중랑의 노래(별도페이지 참조)